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Competitive Analysis & making the right choice

PADI IDC competitive analysisWith so many choices, prices, countries and facilities it's hard to
make a choice!
That is why we want to share with you our own analysis based on facts
and trends.
As one of the leading PADI Career Development Centers in the world we
HAVE to do our homework, as it's our business to know what's going on in
this market.....

What is important for you....
Ask yourself the following questions:

1) What is my goal of this training? (do I want to work in this industry?)
2) Is the country/destination important for me?
3)What housing/living conditions are important for me?
4) What is very important for me DURING  the training ?
5) What is very important for me AFTER the training ?

Answering these questions may give you a clear view of what is actually relevant to you when looking for a facility for you.
Of course price is important, but believe us - the differences aren't that big.

There are many facilities, from small PADI IDC Centers to high-end PADI CDC facilities.
What they all have in common that they can teach you the IDC. 
Any PADI Course Director is able to do this. (By the way, the Course Director CAN’T certify you as an Instructor – that is the job of a PADI Examiner). 
So what is the difference between all these places, except price?
Take a look at these guidelines.  Some will be more important to you

FIRST CHOICE: Harvard OR any high school?
As a future employer, which school you think they would be more interested in to hire from ?
Which school you think could afford the best professors ?

Exactly the same applies in the professional diving industry...There are many shops and IDC facilities, but in Latin America there are only a handful of PADI CDC's. So, if you want to become the best, then learn only from the best.

FACT: At Pro Dive International we are very proud to have one of the best Course Directors leading our team of professionals. Our Course directors have a track record in assisting and certifying many instructors and also guided many professionals to become Course Directors themselves.
He and his multilingual team, including our second Course Director will guide you ALL the way and assist you with job enquiries and referrals.  It's our obligation and duty as a PADI CDC to offer job assistance and guidance, and this is also why we believe we SHOULD always hire from our own university. 

Many shops will say they have job assistance, but we see it differently as after every PADI Exam in the Caribbean our HR department receives many applications from newly certified instructors looking for work.   We of course give preference to our graduates, as we are confident that they have received the best training and we have had the opportunity to see them perform during the IDC and MSDT internship.  See Job opportunites for more information.

SECOND CHOICE: What Country/Destination ?
Asia has been very attractive for many years due to it's low living expenses, room prices and having many, many IDC facilities per square meter.
However due to political instability, flight cost and basic living standards, we have seen a trend towards more developed areas like Mexico. The Middle East used to be a popular choice but we saw a big decline for those countries due to the latest political turmoil.  Mexico has been stable for many years and is still a top dive destination with lots of promotions and last minute travel deals.

Some islands in the Caribbean have been very popular due to also low living standards and cheap room prices.  However what you might save in living expenses you may spend in "getting there" as flights are often long and more expensive. 
Also on a remote island, consider what if you suddenly have to leave for emergency reasons ...
Less known and mentioned is the fact that some of these islands do not have stretched white sandy beaches (mostly rocks), lack of decent restaurants and shopping areas to make your daily living conditions easy. They are mainly focused on the "real" backpackers.

FACT: Mexico and Playa del Carmen being one of the leading touristic destinations in the Caribbean has it all!! Direct daily flights to Cancun, long stretched beaches, low cost and high quality cuisine, shopping malls, low cost condos and high-end beach villas, language schools... You name it and it's here....

Third Choice: Quality against price ?
There are so many ways to price a product on the market...We have seen many strategies, but two strategies are very common:
1) Course prices including "FREE" housing
2) Course prices including "FREE" add-ons

We all know "FREE" housing does NOT exist.  It all has to be paid for, so it is  just embedded into the course price. 

Yes, FREE add-ons do exist, as this is something which does not cost much money (just time) to the facility, or maybe the facility has a "partnership" with a provider who is willing to give their services at no charge.

We have seen PADI IDC shops promoting 14 days IDC including EFR-Instructor and "FREE" housing for us$1450 (excl: books and PADI fees) .  Let’s analyse this price and read between the lines.
Usually you sleep with two or more persons on one room and share the same shower and toilet with even more!   IDC Crewpacks are usually sold at a higher than usual price.  Training facilities/classrooms are usually lower quality and less professional and with a lot more "distractions" or noise. 

FACT: Our very competitive IDC prices in combination with our current 10th year celebration offer with 10% extra discount gives an 14 days IDC course including EFR-I course for only us$1236,60
FACT: You can find housing in a centrally located apartment here in Playa del Carmen with your own private bathroom for less than us$350 (less if you don’t want to be in the centre, or want to share).  On top of this you have chosen a PADI CDC university, and not a high school for less money!!

Fourth Choice: Do I want to work in this industry or not... 
This is a very important question.  The statement “job assistance” is a general phrase, but what does this really mean?
Maybe you just want to become an instructor and no ambition to work in this industry.  Well then what happens post-IDC may not be important to you, but I guess you would still like to get trained by the best in this field, and you never know what will happen in the future...
Or you like to stay with the same facility after your IDC and continue your education with some specialised fields such as Sidemount, Tec, Cenotes…
And if you DO want to find employment as an Instructor after your training, then you should choose a facility with track record employing staff after their training!

FACT: Almost 80% of our students went on to work, as Instructors, either with us or elsewhere in the world.  Some are now base leaders, IDC Staff Instructors, and working exclusive liveaboards in some of the most remote and unspoilt dive locations on the planet.  They are all living their dream. Just look at our testimonials pages...

If you want to work anywhere in the tourist industry, being able to speak a number of languages is always important.  With over 400 million native Spanish speakers worldwide Spanish is one of the most useful languages you can learn, and we want to help you do that.  Pro Dive International have teamed up with one of the best Spanish schools in Latina America to offer you 2-week intensive Spanish courses at exclusive rates when you book your GoPro courses.  If you have existing language skills these courses can improve your Spanish to a useful level, or if you are starting from zero they can give you a good base to get your started so that you can immerse yourself

Conclusion: It all starts with the right questions and choices...
Yes,we have been imitated many times but quality and reputation cannot be copied!

Our team is always looking at ways to improve our training and adding programs which are important to our students, but above all relevant and needed by future employers.  Like our Disabled Divers' International (DDI) Pro Trainer Course.
Or our
PADI Sidemount courses, amongst others.

When choosing your Divemaster facility it is SO important to have REAL LIFE experiences instead of "role play".  This CAN only be achieved with a company who has the right amount of certifications, dive facilities and bookings.  Getting certified is easy, but getting qualified to become a PADI Pro and being ready for the job, or your next step in your career is totally different.
After your Instructor Development Course, PADI highly recommends team-teaching your first courses as an Instructor, so it is important to choose a facility who can offer that opportunity to you.  It is also a great way to impress your potential employers with your attitude, skills and customer service!

Whilst websites and emails can all claim so much, we would urge you to check the facilities yourself if possible, and speak with the Course Director directly and FIND the answers to the above it all starts with you!!

We are here to serve you and help you build your professional diving career!

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