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Les profiles et les témoignages de Pro Dive Mexico.

Nous pourrons dire ce que nous voudrons sur nous, mais je pense que le mieux est d’écouter directement les gradués eux-mêmes parler de leur expérience avec nous !
Beaucoup d’entre eux sont maintenant devenus instructeurs/MSDT professionnels travaillant partout dans le monde en tant que tel ou même en tant qu’entrepreneurs dirigeant leur propre opération.

Marc Schindler - March 2022

Meine Erfahrungen mit Course Director Leo Saldunbides

Von Anfang Januar 2022 bis Mitte April habe ich am GoPro Programm teilgenommen und habe in dieser Zeit zuerst meinen Divemaster gemacht um daran anschließend meinen PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer zu machen
(ich muss noch ein paar Schüler ausbilden, um den Status zu bekommen, aber in Deutschland geht das halt ein bisschen langsamer).

Während meiner ersten Tage als Divemaster-Anwärter durfte ich dank Leo bei einem parallel stattfindenden IDC mitlaufen und habe da diejenigen Übungen mitgemacht, die mit dem Divemastertraining identisch sind und habe darüber hinaus auch einiges an Vorbereitung für den kommenden IDC machen können.

Dank Leo war der Divemaster daher kein Problem und selbst das Instructor Exam war, nachdem wir mit Leo unseren IDC gemacht haben, einfach. Während der gesamten Ausbildung war Leo stets darauf bedacht uns zu verantwortungsvollen und vor allem sicheren Tauchlehrern (bzw. Divemastern) auszubilden, die für ihre Schüler eine Bereicherung darstellen.
Neben den vielen Prüfungsvorbereitungen habe ich eine große Menge an weiterem hilfreichen Stoff über das Tauchen gelernt und fühle mich heute sehr sicher als Tauchlehrer!

Das GoPro Programm war ein großer Spaß und wir haben phänomenale Tauchgänge in Playa del Carmen, Cozumel und sogar ein paar in den Cenoten gemacht, während wir die ganze Zeit eine hervorragende Vorbereitung auf das IE bekommen haben.

Marc Schindler (Deutschland)

Erika Almiento - May 2022

Vorrei raccontare la mia esperienza riguardo all'IDC riassumendola in una sola parola: M E R A V I G L I O S A 😍😍😍

É stato un vero e proprio "viaggio", in ottima compagnia del mio mentore, insegnante e ormai AMICO Leo Saldunbides 😊💛
Quando, ancora in Italia, dovevo scegliere in quale scuola iniziare questa avventura, ho letto tantissimi pareri positivi su di lui e così mi sono lasciata ispirare da questi! Dovessi decidere ancora, lo rifarei senza esitazioni!!!😊

Leo é un insegnante preparatissimo, puntuale, preciso e molto professionale!
Mi ha saputa motivare in qualche momento di difficoltá e mi ha sempre spronata a pensare positivo e a credere in me stessa! Non da meno...ha risposto ai miei messaggi ed ai miei dubbi a quasi a tutte le ore 💜😅😅🤣...con grande pazienza e piacere😊 !!!

Ho notato, anche osservandolo relazionarsi con glI altri compagni, che é stato sempre disponibile e dal cuore grande! E poi in lui é evidente che ama quello che fa, per questo motivo riesce a trasmettere I suoi insegnamenti con amore e passione, senza noia e con gran divertimento 😊 É

Una persona molto umile...quando é stato necessario correggermi anche alcune nozioni di base, lo ha fatto senza mettermi a disagio! Inoltre apprezzo dii lui la sinceritá e la calma con cui ti dice le cose, anche quelle meno piacevoli, se ce ne sono. Consiglierei a chiunque di frequentare I suoi corsi... perché gli sono profondamente Grata💜

Erika Almiento (Italia)

David Gregory - May 2022

The IE itself was not as hard or scary as expected.......

I recently completed my IDC and IE this May (2022) through Pro Dive and wanted to share my experience with others.

The IDC course is very intense and requires a lot of commitment of your time and energy. You need to be self motivated and disciplined with good time management to make it through the program successfully.
For us, a usual day was between 10-12 hours at school and then a few hours self theory study at home or preparing presentations for the next day.
Days off were usually also used to get up to the neccesary theory level. There isn't much time for anything else that isn't diving related so make sure you're personally in a good head space where you can apply yourself fully. The rewards later are more than worth it.

The IE itself was not as hard or scary as expected, although you will not be eligible to take the IE without showing readiness in all areas of IDC study. The IE seeming not so hard or scary was mostly due to having a thorough and diligent Course Director teaching and preparing us to a level greater than what is required as just a passing grade at IE.
Leo Saldunbides was a great fit for me personally as Course Director. He's vastly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and entertaining and this was really a great benefit during long hours studying in the classroom. He also offered certain additions to the course that other CD's may not such as a trip to a hyperbaric chamber, sidemount demo and a Bonassi resort equipment technician workshop after IE.

All useful skills to know to an aspiring PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. Leo was a great mentor and I would highly recommend working with him. I learned a lot from him and consider him a friend as much as a boss/educator.
I also completed MSDT training on Cozumel after IE with Leo and other students from our course, which was a great experience and provided me with several important specialties to make me more employable within the dive industry as well as important first experiences leading dives in open water.

Daniel Gregory - OWSI May 2022

David - PADI dive master - Jan 2022

Starting my DM training in the USA?

I inquired with several dive companies in Cozumel about the possibility of starting my PADI Divemaster training in the USA and getting a referral to complete it while in Cozumel.
Pro Dive International was the first to respond and worked with me to come up with an individualized training plan and ensure I had all the required documentation arranged.

My training plan was intense (by design) and I was impressed by the professionalism and safety consciousness of the PDI personnel.
Leo, the Course Director and quality assurance officer, came over from PDI in Playa del Carmen to personally instruct me.

I successfully completed my training with time to spare before returning home.
During my training I was able to experience a wide range of clients and assisted with various courses they took.
I think everyone was happy with Pro Dive International...I have dived with them before and will do so again!

David-Chris-Mcmartin from USA

Mike - PADI dive master - Jan 2022

Ich hab im Januar 2022 meinen Divemaster mit Leo Saldiunbides gemacht.

Ein sehr genauer guter Instructor, dies zahl sich aus.
Ein gute Ausbildung ist einfach wichtig. Hier habe ich, so denke ich, die Beste erhalten. Absolut professionell

In der Tauchbasis wurde ich von allen Angestellten wärmstens empfangen und aufgenommen und als Bestandteil des Team betrachtet.
Tauchlehrer, Divemaster und alle anderen Angestellten waren absolut professionell, Hilfsbereit und allzeit gut gelaunt. Mehrere Sprachen werden gesprochen, so das viele Kunden gut betreut werden können. Ob Tauchschein oder nur Fundive.

Für Spanisch, Italienisch, Deutsch, Englisch und Portugiesisch sind Muttersprachler angestellt.
Dies sehe ich als ganz großes Plus. Und da, wie schon erwähnt, alle ziemlich aufgeschlossen und nett sind kann sich jeder bei Pro Dive gut aufgehoben fühlen.

Sehr empfehlenswert.

All i can say: Gracias por todo Pro Dive International in Hotel Royal Hideaway

Mike from Germany

Matvey Mochalov PADI sidemount course - June 2021

Hallo "Hi Leo! Thank you so much for the course!
You are the best teacher I've ever had!

Pro Dive International deserves more than a 5 star review, and of course I will leave the best review as soon as I come back to Moscow to my PC.

Hope to see you soon! I'll definitely come back to Mexico to dive and continue my TEC diving career!"

Matvey Mochalov from Russia

Nadine-Ostermann May 2021

Hallo Liebes Pro Dive Team..............

Ich wollte gerne noch eine Bewertung bezüglich meines IDC Kurs im Mai abgeben.

Ich bin sehr glücklich darüber meinen IDC Kurs mit Leo Saldunbides bei Pro Dive gemacht zu haben. Es war sehr gut Organisiert und Leo ist sehr geduldig und ein super Course Direktor.

Leo hat uns super auf die Prüfungen vorbereitet aber was noch wichtiger ist, er hat uns gut auf die reale Arbeit als Instruktor vorbereitet, um ein wirklich guter Instruktor zu sein, was mir jetzt bei meinen ersten Studenten sehr zugute kommt und worüber ich sehr dankbar bin.

Ich würde mich jedesmal wieder so Entscheiden und empfehle Pro Dive mit gutem Gewissen weiter.

Danke schön für alles.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen.


Adrian Campo March 2021

What a nice experience to..............

What a nice experience to do the IDC with @ProdiveInternational .GoPro with de great Leo Saldunbides.

We learned a lot and amazingly passed the IE very easily.
Leo is good as a friend but as a teacher he is the best!
He is really passionate about diving and due to his experiences, you'll learn a lot.

I'm really looking forward to going back to Mexico and dive more times with @prodiveinternational.gopro and it's team.

Thank you and I wish you the best guys...

Adrian Campo

Marconi-Filho - January 2020

To whom it may concern,

I took a Divemaster course with Léo Saldunbides at Prodive from December 2020 to February 2021 and I am very pleased to be able to write this testimonial.

From the beginning, when I was still messaging Léo via WhatsApp, he was very attentive and quick to reply, demonstrating that he really wanted me to take this divemaster course with him.
He clarified all my doubts promptly and that played an important role in my final decision to start the course with him and Prodive.

As a teacher he was thorough with the pool exercises and taught us (divemaster candidates) the importance of attention to detail by example. Not only that, he made sure we had also very good theoretical training, teaching us more theory than it is required from a divemaster, by allowing us to watch and assist with the Open Water Scuba Instructor course.

Furthermore, he organised trips to other dive sites and centers in Cozumel and made sure that all standards of our formation process were met.

Finally, he offered me his assistance with any doubts and questions I might have in the future, which goes beyond his role as a Course Director and instructor.

I am grateful for all that Léo has taught me together with other Prodive members and I trust him as a professional in and out of the water.
His love and enthusiasm for diving are undoubtedly reflected in his teaching. Sincerely,

Marconi Filho, former divemaster candidate at Prodive

Maxime Gazeau - January 2020

Muchas gracias to Leo Saldunbides
For his great support! pushing you in the best way to succeed !!

I really like the way he always prepared us on what to expect and focusing on being a good organized instructor especially in the real life to perform during our intership!!

Big value of having the dive base right on the beach surounded by the stuning Caribbean sea as a playground !!

Pura vida y buena onda.

Maxime Gazeau

Denys Letunov - January 2020

First of all I would like to say Big Thank You to our course director
Leo Saldunbides!
He is high professional and one of the best teachers I ever met in my life!

He shared with us all his unique knowledge and skills that will help us to become a successful dive instructors in the future!

We have been studying a lot, but in a same time we had a lot of fun!
We did a wonderful trip to Cozumel island where they have several dive centers and we have visited cenotes! What a Unique experience!

Thank you Leo! I'm very happy that I choose to do my IDC and MSDT with ProDive!

I will always remember this amazing time. I not only received knowledge and a diploma, but also met very good people who became my friends!

Denys Letunov

Luisa Carmona - August 2019

Taking my IDC in Pro Dive was the best decision ever. Course Directors are so experienced, and the master instructors too.
All the staff is engaged with our learning and share with us knowledge and tips. I am thankful with everybody for supporting me extra hours, and giving me extra time.

I will definitely recommend to take IDC, or whatever course people is interested at, in Pro Dive.
We fully learn and master PADI standards as all divers should learn.
Taking a course in Pro Dive is learning from the best.

Thank you all for our great team!

Luisa Carmona – August 2019

Matthew Iskra - March 2019

I cannot recommend the GoPro team, IDC and MSDT preparation course enough. What a great professional well organised course exceeding all theory and practical PADI objectives.

The training style is strict and fun pushing your abilities to make you become a better dive instructor.

My teaching confidence since completing the course has increased a lot now knowing and understanding what’s required.
The course schedule is relaxed, allowing plenty of study or down time if that’s what you need. In fact, I was so surprised at how easy the whole course was and how fast the time passed.

Whilst Pro Dive is not the cheapest IDC and MSDT Preparation course available in Mexico, I can ensure you that the level of training, organisation and professionalism shown is worth the extra expense if you want to be the best.

Thank you kindly GoPro team. May we meet again in the future. All the best!

Matthew Iskra – March 2019

Demor Valladarez - October 2018

Just want to let you know how great doing the IDC was with you guys!
I had a fun experience and I did learn alot with you guys. Everything was awesome!
Will definitely be back soon for more !

Demor Valladarez – October 2018

Claire Edwards - September 2018

I would like to thank you all for all the time and energy you put into helping and guiding me along my instructor development course. Pro Dive Mexico was my choice for this course because I heard great reviews from friends of mine who had taken the course, and also great video and written testimonials online. In a few sentences, it is hard to express how supported I felt through the whole process. I really did feel like we were a family, from my instructors to my fellow classmates, I felt like any question was welcomed. Sometimes they were welcomed with a little tough-love to wake us up in the morning. But, ultimately, I had the feeling they wanted us to succeed and would bend over backward to help us be the best instructors possible. I valued the tips and tricks these instructors shared with me from their many years of experience and I'm honestly bummed I can't take the course all over again, it was so fun! I definitely recommend taking your IDC with Pro Dive Mexico!

Claire Edwards - September 2018

Carlos G Parras Talens - March 2018

Tras un mes mirando centros donde hacer mi IDC, comparando precios, ubicación y opiniones tanto de alumnos como de profesionales, un Course Director de España me mencionó el nombre de Ángel Navarro. Esta mención iba acompañada de un “no lo conozco, pero me han dicho que es muy bueno, y se dedica todo el año a formar instructores”. Punto para Ángel y su equipo, hacen IDC durante todo el año, por lo cual experiencia no les falta. 3 años atrás estuve buceando en Playa del Carmen, y me quedé enamorado de ese lugar, tanto fuera como bajo el agua. Es por esto y muchas cosas más por las que decidí hacer mi IDC en Pro Dive, en lo que acerté!!! Todo el equipo GO PRO son grandes profesionales, Ángel te encandilará con sus historias, Laura cuidará cada detalle y Jo es adorable y te ayudará en todo! El resto de personas, tanto trabajadores de la base como mis compañeros fueron buenísimos! He de deciros que no todo fue trabajo duro, hubo muchos momentos de relajación y disfrutar (cenotes, Cozumel...), aunque si te gusta bucear y aprender vas a pasarlo bien todo el tiempo! Pasé un tiempo increíble con esta familia durante el IDC por lo que hice también el curso de especialidades. Ahora toca sacar lo aprendido y enseñar lo que este maravilloso mundo nos ofrece. Un abrazo a todos, nos vemos en el azul!

Carlos G Parras Talens - March 2018

Alex Grgas-Sorge 2018

I would not have chosen anyone else to do my IDC with! The GoPro Family (Angel, Jo & Laura) are an amazing team. Not only do they teach you everything you need to know for the instructor exam, but they also give you the tools you need to start your professional career as a dive instructor.

Angel, Jo & Laura have been working in the dive industry for many years and have real-life experience you will not find anywhere else. They are always there to provide you with the materials you need to be successful. If you require extra help with dive theory, extra equipment to complete your skills, or have questions about anything, Angel, Jo & Laura will ALWAYS be there to help. The GoPro Family truly cares about your well being, happiness, and overall success during your exam, and afterward during your career as a dive professional. Taking the IDC with them was so much fun, and I met lifelong friends I will never forget.

Thank you again Angel, Jo & Laura for your knowledge, support and all the little things in between!

Best wishes to the next group of candidates that get to grow, learn and participate in this amazing experience!

Alex Grgas-Sorge – June 2018

Daniel Graf 2018

I would like to thank everyone in the ProDive Mexico Go Pro Team, and in particular Jo, Angel, Laura and Moises for providing such an inspirational course.
I loved every day of my IDC as the curriculum was professionally thought out, and was surprised with the level of knowledge and experience the whole team had to offer. I couldn’t imagine doing my IDC with anyone else because they equipped me with the skills I needed to not only pass my IE, but to prepare me for the real world in the diving industry.

The whole IDC course was impeccably organised, and was 100% a life changing experience, whilst creating an environment that felt like I was apart of their family. I highly recommend doing your IDC here if you want to become the best you can be as a Padi Instructor.

Daniel Graf – January 2018

Emilio Maciel 2017

I am really glad I chose to do my IDC with Jo & Angel at Pro Dive.
Playa may well be one of the best in the world for diving - and it is better than Cozumel for doing the IDC, has better life.

Angel & Jo (and Laura!) have a lot of real experience about being diving instructors and will not spare any effort to guide you so you arrive at the IE way better prepared than any other candidate - by knowing the site of the IE beforehand, by repeating the drills, by going over theory questions with every candidate that needs it, by being there during the entire IE with you, by caring a lot about each candidate.

Thanks very much Jo, Angel and team!

Emilio Maciel – October 2017

Sophie Maciel 2017

I will always keep a great memory of my IDC with Pro Dive Mexico.
The team Go Pro wants to make your IDC a success on both professionally and personally sides. So when I arrived with my husband a few days before the start, we were already in good hands and were given tips on accommodation, life in PDC in general, and I could even review some of the dive master theory to get ready for the IDC!

I did not really know what to expect in detail before it started and how it will go. From day one, I could see how professional the team was since every day was planned, scheduled, and thought ahead to make our experience smoother. I have to mention here the availability of the team to help us during the IDC on any subject. Plus, I did appreciate the way we were trained to become dive instructors but as well as how much attitude, common sense, fun and respect really make you a "good" instructor vs a " regular" one.

Regarding the dive, we got the chance during the IDC to dive in Cozumel (a nice break during the IDC!), one of the most beautiful place I have seen for diving...

The preparation we had + the mock IE really make you feel confident enough before the IE to embrace and enjoy it ! My "plus" - the experienced team willing to share every bite of their diving experience make the IDC and diving as the career a lot more real for me.

Sophie Maciel – October 2017

Brad Alger 2017

The IDC with Pro Dive Mexico was one of the most intense life changing courses I have ever participated in.
Although rich in knowledge and jam packed with relevant information, the program was so much more.
It became what each and every member of the team needed to develop to the next level both professionally but most importantly in their growth as a person.
What you will take from this will be the foundation of the rest of your professional career.
This will NOT be the easiest course of your life however it WILL be the best of your life.
The power of this most excellent program is in the in-depth planning and preparation of the individual to function as a team. This structure insures that the IE exams at the end will be justifiably stress free and relatively simple.
Congratulations for choosing Pro Dive Mexico for your IDC!!!
Truly you have made a stellar Choice which you will never regret!!!

Brad Alger – April 2017

Ian Murphy 2017

I chose Pro Dive Mexico for my IDC because of the quick and detailed response I got from Jo, as well as their good reputation throughout the diving community.
When I arrived for the course, they did a day of theory, which was a welcome cobweb-duster, and they were very helpful to the other students who weren’t up on Physics, Physiology, and RDP. 
Jo also helped me with PADI Standards, which I struggled at.

We took a break in the middle for 3 fun dives, with Laura as my buddy, which was a welcome chance to relax and contemplate on how far we had progressed.
As I worked my way through the course, my practical grades got steadily better, with help and encouragement from Jo & Angel, until I finished my IE with two maximum scores.
The philosophy of Pro Dive is one of coaching and encouragement, and it sets and example to the rest of the diving community. 

I would highly recommend them to other divers who want to do their IDC.

Ian Murphy – April 2017

Georgie Fraser 2017

All my life I have struggled with maths and physics, but thanks to the team's (particularly Jo's) hard work and perseverance they got me through the theory, which is something I never thought possible, and a successful IE!  :) 

Georgie Fraser – April 2017

David Jimenez Fernandez 2017

Antes de nada me gustaría agradecer todo el esfuerzo y las ganas que no tan solo habéis puesto en mi persona, también en todos y cada uno de mis compañeros, y es de agradecer porque no todos los días íbamos con la misma motivación y ganas, pero ahí estábais vosotros, ese maravilloso equipo profesional como sois, Angel Navarro, Jo Armitage y Laura Rodríguez, que siempre encontrabais esas palabras o incluso esos gestos que hacían crecer esas ganas.

Durante mi curso de IDC, me preparásteis a conciencia para poder enfrentarme e introducirme en la vida laboral del buceo y poder desenvolverme de la mejor manera posible haciendo de mí y  de mis compañeros personas autónomas y con una gran capacidad de trabajo en equipo.
Sinceramente, ha sido una gran experiencia, la cual ha cambiado mucho mi vida.
Espero que nunca cambies y sigáis cambiando la vida de mucha más gente como habéis cambiado gratificantemente la mía. 

Un abrazo a los tres,

David Jimenez Fernandez – March 2017

Romain Lamy 2016

I chose Pro Dive for my IDC on the recommendation of the instructor with which I made my Divemaster course in Honduras.
I have not been disappointed.  Sure they are not the cheapest on the market but they are certainly the most complete and the most competent.  The quality of learning is worth paying a little more money.

Angel and Jo were always available to help us whatever the problem, and the final instructor exam proved much easier than expected, thanks to them.
To summarize, I would do it all again without hesitation!

Romain Lamy – August 2016

Moises Mejia 2015

Mi IDC con Pro Dive fue increíble, fue una excelente decisión, estoy muy satisfecho con los resultados.
Todas las instalaciones son excelentes, y el programa que manejan está muy bien organizado y ayuda mucho a los participantes.
El equipo es súper profesional y tiene una gran experiencia en el mundo del buceo, siempre tienen la disponibilidad para apoyar y tiene una actitud ejemplar, el salón de clase esta genial, sus materiales son actualizados, tienen suficientes y en diferentes idiomas que creo que eso es muy importante, la logística y los planes están siempre muy bien organizados, realmente todo esta perfecto!!

En lo personal creo que son la mejor opción para tomar el IDC, ya que siempre te dan mas de lo que esperas. Muchas gracias Angel y Jo por compartir esa pasión que tienen por el buceo, sus conocimientos y experiencias con nosotros!!

Moises Mejia – November 2015

Marcos Moreno Doña 2016

They are great. I always felt like I was taken care of. Excellent professionals and good people.
A great learning experience.

Marcos Moreno Doña – May 2016

Johan Gustafsson 2016

I'm glad for my decision to do the IDC with Pro Dive, because they put so much extra tips and tricks into the course.  

It’s clear that they know what they are doing.



Johan Gustafsson – November 2016

Diego Lopez - 2017

Me enliste en el curso de IDC con Pro Dive en Enero del 2017 en cual se realizó con mucho éxito de principio a fin, en mi búsqueda de centros de buceo por el caribe mexicano Pro Dive fue sin duda alguna mi mejor opción ellos contestaron al momento todas mis preguntas a través de correo electrónico y por via telefónica de manera muy eficiente.

Durante el curso, fueron muy profesionales enfocándose en que el aprendizaje se cumpliera exitosamente resolviendo todas nuestras dudas y corrigiendo todos nuestros errores de una manera que lo pudiéramos entender fácilmente, se preocuparon por darnos una educación personalizada cuando lo necesitamos.
todo es de muy buena calidad con Pro Dive sus instalaciones, servicios y personal. Si estas pensando en hacer tu IDC en el caribe mexicano te recomiendo ampliamente a Pro Dive  Muchas gracias a mis Course Directors Angel y Jo, a mi IDC Staff Laura y a todo el personal que trabaja en Pro Dive para que se lleven a cabo los día a día.

Diego Lopez – January 2017

Paula de Sousa 2015

Gracias a todo el equipo.......

Haber hecho mi IDC con Pro Dive fue una muy buena decisión!

Aprendí mucho durante mi IDC y el MSDT.
A parte de agradecerle a todo el equipo de GoPro Family por todo el trabajo y empeño que dedican para que estemos bien preparados,
tengo también que agradecerles el prestigio que tienen en el mundo del Scuba Diving ya que estoy actualmente en Miami para trabajar y la escuela me acepto porque vengo formada por un excelente Course Director.

Gracias a todo el equipo.

Paula de Sousa
OWSI April 2015

Marco Peraza Pool 2015

I completely recommend Pro Dive as a place to get prepared.......

I really enjoyed my IDC course,
The Pro Dive Mexico staff, Angel, Aitor, Jo and Patrick, were always available for any question.
The way they conduct their classes is very efficient and professional and of course we always had fun.

Good dives during the course and also some new extra experiences such as trying sidemount were part of this amazing time with the Go Pro Family.
I completely recommend Pro Dive as a place to get prepared as a PADI instructor!!"

Marco Peraza Pool
OWSI August 2015

Martin Gomez 2015

Nunca imagine  que mis instructores  serian profesionales con verdadera  experiencia  en la  vida  real de un profesional de buceo. 

Mis  palabras  son de  agradecimiento  por  ayudarme  a  mejorar  mis  habilidades  como  instructor y enseñarme la  forma  correcta  de  utilizar el sistema  educativo de  buceo PADI.
Cuando  tome  la decisión de  hacer  mi curso de  Instructor  PADI, solo busque  la  opción más  próxima  a  la  localidad  donde  resido (Cancún) y también busque quien tuviera la fecha  más  cercana, esos fueron mis  dos motivos  suficientes  para  acercarme a PRODIVE. 

Nunca imagine  que mis instructores  serian profesionales con verdadera  experiencia  en la  vida  real de un profesional de buceo. 
Algunos  instructores  tienen mucha experiencia  en la teoría y los manuales  pero  pocos  muy pocos  tienen la combinación de  la parte  teórica  y la experiencia  práctica, algo que descubrí durante  las  presentaciones  de  mis instructores. 

Para mí esto y el profesionalismo que siempre  mostraron durante todas las fases  del curso  IDC  y  su apoyo durante  el IE, les  dará  mi voto de confianza  y recomendación amplia  para todos  aquellos  que busquen iniciarse  como Instructores  PADI  sin duda ellos  son una  excelente  opción.

Martin Federico Gómez Ortiz
OWSI # 357939  (January 2015)

Peter Litsegaard 2015

I looked around quite a bit but my decision became Pro Dive in Playa del Carmen...

First let me state the I'm VERY cautious when giving raving reviews but sometimes I experience people who simply go way beyond what I initially expected...
My experience with Angel, Jo, Aitor and some of the other people surrounding them made feel obliged to give something back to them...

I took my DM in 1991 but it took until 2014 to make me decide to do the IDC.
I looked around quite a bit but my decision became Pro Dive in Playa del Carmen. I will not go into any lengthy details... What I DO feel I need to say is that Angel together with Jo and Aitor made every effort and way more in making sure that we would pass the IE which we all did with a very wide margin!
I very seldom meet people acting in such professional and dedicated manner...
I think I stop here otherwise I would be ranting forever :)

Would I recommend Pro Dive to anybody who is serious about diving and an IDC? YES!!!!!!!
To Angel, Jo and Aitor and the other people at Pro Dive Playa del Carmen: I salute you and thank you!!!

Peter Litsegaard - OWSI - January 2015

Maria Jose Arroya 2014

IDC with ProDive and the GoPro Family, best career choice ever! 

It was a mere coincidence to find a CDC facility so close to home for me, and with such an array of IDC dates happening that I could easily choose the best dates for me.  
It is not however a coincidence how well prepared the staff are to handle the amount of candidates they have to deal with and with such a level of professionalism and paying attention to each and every one of us and the areas where we needed some improvement.

The patience and preparation Angel, Jo and Aitor have, as well as the dedication they put into each IDC reflects on the well prepared instructors coming out of the IDC with them.  
It is an experience I am lucky to have shared with them, and they did not only teach me how to share my passion for diving and to be able to teach diving, they also gave me tips about career options, diving trips, good dive sites, life tips and how to be prepared for the 'real world' once the exam is over!

I could not be happier about the amount of preparation and dedication I received during this course with them, they have indeed made a difference in helping me be as comfortable in my job as an Instructor as I am right now!

Many many thanks to the GoPro Family and ProDive Mexico for such an amazing experience doing my IDC with you!!! 

Maria Jose Arroya # PADI MSDT (Nov 2014)

Andrew Evans 2014

Very happy that I found Angel, Jo and Aitor, the Pro Dive IDC staff team

I can't recommend the Pro Dive IDC staff highly enough. This was my second IDC.
I originally did my first IDC in 1999, but after having a long lay-off from teaching I had to re-do the IDC and IE to regain teaching status.  And I'm very happy that I found Angel, Jo and Aitor, the Pro Dive IDC staff team.

These guys have a wealth of knowledge from diving and teaching all over the world that you just cannot buy. They prepared us so well for the Instructor Exam that the actual exam seemed pretty easy.

What made the course stand out for me though, was the little snippets of information and advice they gave us about the reality of working in the dive industry, based on their own experiences. Priceless!!

The whole team have a real passion for diving and teaching that's infectious. The  course is structured so that it's interesting and relevant throughout. And the Pro Dive IDC staff work tirelessly throughout in order to help you achieve your goal.

Thank you for everything!

Andrew Evans - July 2014

Andy Murphy 2014

The recommendation couldn't have been stronger...

I recently completed my IDC at Pro Dive Mexico (a special Halloween edition!). Once you decide that diving is a career for you the next step is choosing where to make it happen.
Its a tough choice choosing where to go and especially who to have as your Course Director. It all gets a bit much when you type something into Google and get endless pages of all the dive shops around the world.. The choice really is endless.

So why Pro Dive?
For me, after being quite overwhelmed, I asked a good friend for advice. The recommendation couldn't have been stronger and I took his word in high regard. After that, another 3 people mentioned Jo and Angel and said without question that they are the best ones to go with.

From the very beginning Jo was everything I needed; knowledgeable, informative, truthful, extremely helpful and understanding and also very prompt. This continued throughout the IDC.
And after completing and passing the course I wouldn't choose anywhere else. From Angel's passion and will to give you a jump on the rest, to the whole team's wealth of knowledge, patience (a big one!) and understanding on how important this is for everyone, it became a special two weeks. It doesn't just stop with the learning, it continues outside of diving too.

From barbecues with the whole team, drinks and meals out, an awesome day out fun diving in Cozumel and all the little jokes and laughs in-between. For me, now, it's the easiest choice to make.

For people looking for a little help, Jo, Angel and (the yoda himself) Aitor will make you have the best start you need whilst laughing even when the pressures on. I can't thank you enough. Let's hope to see you all underwater again soon!

Andy Murphy - Oct 2014

Sarah Quigley 2014

Pro Dive Mexico was nothing short of amazing!

My IDC experience with Pro Dive Mexico was nothing short of amazing!
Angel, Jo, Nico and Aitor went above and beyond my expectations.
Everything was so well organized and efficient...and a lot of the activities were so much fun too! 

When it came time for the PADI IE I felt so well prepared, and of course our entire group passed with flying colors. I highly recommend these guys to anyone considering doing the IDC in Mexico.

Sarah Quigley - PADI MSDT (April 2014)

Cristina Ipiadis 2014

Rock the exam...

The Go Pro Pro Dive team is very professional and focused on the students' needs, preparing them and giving the students enough confidence to rock the exam and be a good instructor.
By the end of the course you feel ready!"

Cristina Ipiadis - PADI OWSI (April 2014)

Joe Jackson 2014

I was blown away by the professionalism and quality of the program....

When shopping for a CDC, I settled on Pro Dive Mexico Scuba Academy based on testimonials and their prompt attention to my queries.

When you have to make such an important choice unseen, you're taking a gamble. I entered the program with a little trepidation and was blown away by the professionalism and quality of the program. I expected to be prepared for the instructor exam. I didn't know that I was going to be taught how to be a successful SCUBA instructor. I got more than I expected and I am delighted by the results.

Gracias por todo chicos.

Joe Jackson - PADI Instructor (January 2014)

Skanda Coffield 2014

For the exams - cenote cavern diving and a day of fun diving at Cozumel.....

Pro Dive Mexico is a very well organised training outfit. The course directors and staff instructors really go above and beyond to help all instructor candidates succeed during the instructor exams - after hours classes for me on physics questions I was struggling with.
They have a huge wealth of experience to draw on when teaching, and know how best to teach their candidates.

During the IDC we did some really fun and different things other than just preparing for the exams - cenote cavern diving and a day of fun diving at Cozumel.

The Master Scuba Diver Trainer additional course was more of the same high quality, practical, skills teaching - learning how to service dive equipment and tanks as well as teach the Nitrox, Wreck and Deep specialties. 

Skanda Coffield-Feith - PADI MSDT (April 2014)

Xavi Alonso 2013

Hacer el IDC en México con Pro Dive ha sido una experiencia increíble

Hacer el IDC en México con Pro Dive ha sido una experiencia increíble, tanto en el agua como fuera.  He tenido la oportunidad de conocer lugares nuevos de buceo como Cozumel o el increíble mundo de los cenotes.  Ademas,  siempre rodeado de buenos compañeros y por supuesto del gran equipo que forma "The Go Pro Family".  Gracias a ellos he descubierto un mundo nuevo y he podido hacer realidad mis objetivos. Muchas gracias a todos!!!! " 

Xavi Alonso - PADI MSDT (June 2013)

Miguel Angel Arguelles 2013

the dives we did were some of the best dives in the world, cenotes (underwater caves), Playa del Carmen...

First of all I was impressed about the speed Angel that answered my email, after 5 minutes I had him calling me to give me further information about the courses.
When I had some doubts I called him (before the course) and he answered me precisely and accurately, so needless to say about the service, it was good!
On the other side, the dives we did are some of the best in the world, cenotes (underwater caves), Playa del Carmen and Cozumel included in the package! So the course starts, Angel introduces his team, in this case Jo and Javi, and right away you start reviewing and studying.
They are really professional, and they know what they are doing.

During the course you don't only learn about the standards and how to teach people to dive, you learn about everything related to diving and even more! The ambience is cool, they are quite patient, but also you have to put a lot of effort from your side. Remember, the Evaluation is in less than 15 days!!! At the end of it you'll see that all the effort and all the study will give you the reward you expected!
It's a great course and a great time, quite recommendable. Sometimes I wish it lasted longer!

Miguel Angel Arguelles - PADI MSDT (September 2013)

Jadel Oliver Carvajal 2013

Una de las que mas satisfacciones me ha dejado...

Es sin duda una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido, y una de las que mas satisfacciones me ha dejado. Este IDC ha superado por mucho cualquier expectativa que yo tubiera al inicio, creo que el resultado final: es haber logrado un nivel profesional alto y competente, considero que sales bien preparado para enseñar, el resto es la experiencia que cada uno tiene y eso es el trabajo que cada alumno tiene que hacer por cuenta propia.
Gracias por todo chicos.

Jadel Oliver Carvajal - PADI Instructor (September 2013)

Andy Tynan 2013

No brainer to choose Pro Dive Mexico....

With so many places offering your IDC, for me it was a no brainer to choose Pro Dive Mexico.
With the course scheduled over two weeks you have time to enjoy the course and get the maximum benefit from excellent Course Directors Angel and Jo. I had a great experience and their teaching skills are second to none.
They simply cannot do enough to help you.

Andy Tynan - PADI MSDT (August 2013)

Edgar Gonzales Orozco 2013

Cambio mi vida...

Desde el primer día que llegue a Pro Dive, cambio mi vida, cambio mi manera de vestir, era solo un chico de ciudad y termine como un instructor de buceo.
Aprendí con Javi, Angel y Jo, los que hacer del buceo, tu vida. Definitivamente podría recomendar a quien sea que tomen la decisión y cambien su vida, que vengan con el gran staff de Pro Dive, que vengan con la mente abierta para cambiar su vida.
En mas de 3 meses, no solo aprendí a cuidar de mi, si no a cuidar de los demás, baje unos cuantos kilos, bueno la verdad bastantes, lo cual te sirve también de dieta, y esa no viene en el costo de los cursos. Javi, Ángel y Jo se destacan no solo por sus cualidades como excelentes mentores, sino como amigos y se vuelven cada día parte de tu familia. Los que dudan si ellos son los mejores, dense la oportunidad de estar con los mejores.

Edgar Gonzales Orozco - PADI MSDT (Career Change Premium 2013)

Blue Iaurreche 2013

Los recordare siempre con un gran aprecio…

Creo no poder haber tomado una mejor decisión, de haber hecho este curso con Angel y Pro Dive Mexico. Estoy más que agradecida con la actitud tan profesional y responsable que tomaron, pero al mismo tiempo tan acogedora, agradable y divertida. El trabajo del día a día, toda la organización atrás de cada día de clase, y la dedicación y paciencia de Angel, Jo y Javi nunca la voy a olvidar.. Los recordare siempre con un gran aprecio… No tengo otras palabras que decir más que un enorme GRACIAS!!!

Blue Iaurreche - PADI Instructor (Sept 2013)

Yu-Ying Chap - 2013 - (Job Offer with Pro Dive)

I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to "go pro"....

Not only will I never regret doing my IDC with ProDive Mexico, but I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to "go pro".¬

Angel definitely deserves his reputation – he shares his knowledge and experience with verve and passion, adding multiple funny anecdotes to reflect on.¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ Jo excels in appraising, correcting and suggesting improvements in our simulations, and she does it thoroughly, giving us the little tips that will make the difference. And of course, we have Javi who makes the IDC run smoothly, listens to our concerns, gives honest advice - and with a great sense of humour!

I got to meet great people throughout the IDC, we built a strong team, made friends and trustworthy potential colleagues for the future. And the MSDT internship led me right to a job as instructor at ProDive Mexico. No doubt, the experience is worth it!

Yu-Ying Chap

Alexandre dos Santos Andrade 2013

big expectations for the training but they really delivered more than I expected...

I was looking for a place to do my IDC in Mexico and visited Pro Dive's website. This together with Angel's availability to answer my many doubts, was crucial.
I had big expectations for the training but they really delivered more than I expected in terms of quality and knowledge. I didn`t learn just how to teach diving, or improve my abilities, I also learned how to act in the industry, ways to improve my attitude with the students. And I had tons of fun!!!

I really feel that the IDC gave a great value to me, not only as a diver, but as a person as well.
So I really recommend these guys for anyone who wants became a true professional."

Alexandre dos Santos Andrade PADI Instructor

Uys Meintjes 2013 (Job Offer Pro Dive)

After completing the MSDT we were giving the opportunity to get experience during a 3 week internship at a location of our choice....(Unique opportunity)

Earlier in 2013 I had the pleasure of being a part of the IDC and MSDT programs offered by Pro Dive Mexico under the instruction of Angel Navarro. All the people I spoke to gave me positive feedback and based on this decided to contact them via e-mail requesting more info.

I received very prompt and detailed response and arranged to meet with Angel the course director.
He took the time to come and meet me at home and helped clarify the questions I had. He also gave me his personal phone number and he was always available to help throughout the programs and even still today.

Throughout the IDC we received instruction from Angel as well as other IDC staff all of whom I found to be very professional and accommodating. The course itself was well presented and we all received personalized attention and instruction to our individual needs. Needless to say all of us completed the IDC successfully and many of us including myself went on to complete the MSDT which was on par with the instruction received during the IDC.
After completing the MSDT we were giving the opportunity to get experience during a 3 week internship at a location of our choice.

After the second week some of us were offered a job and I'm currently working for Pro Dive. I would definitely recommend Po Dive Mexico to anybody thinking about doing the IDC or MSDT based on the experience I had with them.

Uys Meintjes PADI MSDT

Nicole Spanger 2012

Opportunity to be taught by one of the best Course Directors in the business, Angel Navarro

After looking for other CDCs, I found ProDive Mexico and was impressed with what they were offering.

First, it gave me an opportunity to be taught by one of the best Course Directors in the business, Angel Navarro.
Second, they offered different diving atmospheres to dive in during the IDC.
Third, it happened to be placed in an area that was convenient to travel to, the international airport was less than an hour journey.
Last, Playa had a night life, good food, and quick shopping that if I needed something, it wouldn't take weeks to get.

After making my choice to come to ProDive Mexico, I was in constant contact with Angel. He and Jo always answered any questions I had prior to my arrival, gave me excellent leads onto accommodation, and answered any random question I had usually within 24 hours.

After arriving to Playa, I was met by a ProDive staff member who showed me around and gave me in the low down on Playa, like where to eat, where not to eat, etc. Amazing!!! I opted for the IDC Prep (lifesaver) and would recommend it to everyone.
The IDC itself I could write a novel on - any question was answered, every procedure went through. The classroom was clean and always had coffee and water and good food just a jump away. I always had to make sure I knew the schedule, because every day was something different, which I LOVED!
We were taught the business side of the scuba industry, which no one wants to know, but is the best jump in any job interview, and got to see the business side of things first hand. Not many IDCs actually show that side.

The cenotes and Cozumel are the highlights of course, and that is where your classmates really become your friends for life.
However, Angel and Jo are the true superstars of ProDive Mexico. I will say that I was so nervous to fail, Angel made me feel like there was no way I was going to, and guess what, I didn't. The love from Angel and Jo doesn't stop when you pass your IE, because they really do help you find jobs and give you their advice.

I will say one bad thing about Angel and Jo, they hate glitter. But besides that I couldn't say a bad thing about them if I tried. They have truly helped me advance my life and I would advise anyone and everyone to take the IDC at ProDive Mexico!

Nicole Spanger. PADI MSDT and glitter fan!

John Hill 2013

Such an incredible IDC experience

Thanks to all the GoPro team for such an incredible IDC experience!

I have to say the entire staff are some of the best teachers and mentors I've ever had the pleasure to learn from. They all go the extra mile to make you not only an instructor. They take the time to make you understand that it's not just the knowledge of diving but also the passion and enthusiasm you exhibit while teaching that sets the good instructors apart from the great ones!

Thanks again to you all and I'm really glad to be able to have such a great group of people I know I can count on and continue to learn from for the rest of my diving career!

John Hill PADI Instructor

Francesca Casamenti 2013

Il corso era organizzato perfettamente in ogni singolo dettaglio.

Sono davvero soddisfatta dell'IDC fatto con Prodive. Il corso era organizzato perfettamente in ogni singolo dettaglio.
La preparazione è stata ottima, in 17 giorni anzichè i classici 10 giorni. In questa maniera durante il corso dell'IDC abbiamo avuto anche tempo per rilassarci. Inoltre ho davvero apprezzato i fun dives all'isola di Cozumel e nei Cenotes.

Lo staff è molto preparato e disponibile. Un grazie speciale ad Angel, il nostro course director e allo staff di GoPro, grazie a Nico, Mimmi e Javi che ci hanno aiutato e supportato in ogni momento, con pazienza e professionalità.
A chi ama il diving e che desideri farne la propria professione consiglio vivamente l'IDC con Go Pro, per avere una buona preparazione e conoscenza.

Un'esperienza memorabile.

Francesca Casamenti  

Dominic Booth 2012

A massive THANK YOU

Dear Angel/Jo/Nico/Mimmi/Markus/Laurent

I'd just like to say a massive THANK YOU for the IDC course I finished last week.
I wouldn't normally write a message like this but I was so chuffed with my choice I felt compelled. I thought the professionalism and thoroughness of the course was exceptional and it was clear from the reaction of the PADI IE examiners that you had done a great job with each and everyone of us.
Not only that but you kept me entertained and interested for the duration and I can't see how anyone could compete with Angel's experience and knowledge.

Highlights for me were his harrowing stories from his previous profession during the EFR course and generally his candid honesty.
The feedback from spoke for itself with me only managing to request a kettle (in addition to the coffee maker!) in the classroom as improvement!

Anyway hope that message doesn't sound too sickly but it needs to be said and I hope that others reading this take encouragement from my words.

Thanks again - see you in the new year for my MSDT Prep :)

Dominic Booth PADI Instructor

Alex Hannah 2013 (Job Offer Pro Dive)

One of the most fun experiences in my diving journey so far

I would have to say my IDC was one of the most fun experiences in my diving journey so far!
Angel and his team are super professional and bring plenty of fun and knowledge to the course. I have no doubt in my mind that I chose wisely when I deceided on Pro Dive Mexico and joined the GoPro Family!

Many thanks to everyone who was part of my IDC!


Stephen Shaw 2012

The tasks I was assigned changed over the course of the internship, in a logical, progressive manner

After completing my PADI IDC with Pro Dive Mexico in October 2012, I embarked on the next leg of my journey into the dive industry - completing my MSDT team-teaching internship at one of Pro Dive's busy resort operations, Dreams Puerto Aventuras. This turned out to be a fantastic and invaluable component to my development as a dive instructor.
In fact, I cannot imagine jumping from an IDC program into the "real world" of the dive industry without having this experience behind me. Each day over the course of my 3-week internship, I would meet with Base Leader who would assign me tasks that were (1) under the direct supervision of an experienced instructor, and (2) designed to help me grow as an instructor.
The tasks I was assigned changed over the course of the internship, in a logical, progressive manner ... perfect for optimal learning!
At the end of the internship, I reflected on the remarkable growth in my confidence, skills, and abilities. I have nothing but praise for the instructors, and all the support staff who "showed me the ropes" in a patient and helpful manner.

A heartfelt "Thanks!!" to all of you! For anyone wishing to advance their dive experiences I would highly recommend Pro Dive Mexico and, in particular, the operation at Dreams Puerto Aventuras.

Stephen Shaw, PADI MSDT

Brian Fernlund (Canada) (Job Offer Pro Dive)

class room is great, pool great, boat was cool.....

Over all i was very pleased with the course and Team. Some improvements have been suggest by me directly to Markus (GoPro team)
The class room is great, pool great, boat was cool, Excursion to Cenote was great..
I really enjoyed all input! It not only improved my skills as an instructor but also as a diver..

Schedule was perfect

I specially had a good bond with Darren. He made it personal and we became good friends. He also help with the transisition of moving to Playa del Carmen memorable.